Service platform for cash machines (ATMs)

Enterprise systems

The client is one of the global market leaders for cash point terminals, transaction services and solutions for customer relationship management (CMS) for data centres and banks.

SB Server is a multi channel capable, custom is able service platform that allows banks and data centres to map out business transactions in the cashpoint sector to “one-to-one” customer interactions. A standardised XML interface was used to manage business transactions and integrate a content management system (CMS)



  • Technical project management of a distributed development team
  • System architecture in a heterogeneous IT landscape
  • Implementation of enterprise components with Java EE
  • Responsibility for load distribution and scaling factors (the server must be able to serve up to 15,000 clients)
  • Integration of the system with the existing clients and content management system of the respective data centre

Technical Data

  • Programming languages: Java (J2EE), C++, Python, JSP
  • Operating languages: Windows NT (Client), Sun Solaris (E10K, server)
  • Databases: Oracle, CloudEscape
  • Application server: BEA Weblogic V5.1 / V6.0
  • Web server: Apache, Tomcat, XML parsing
  • Personalisation with a content management system: Vignette V5
  • Communication: Java RMI, WLEC, CORBA, HTTPS

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