Flexible Cloud Infrastructures: The Ticket to Fast and Reliable Access to Customer Services

Agile Processes & Empowered Teams

Cloud-based services are increasingly gaining relevance in the service sector. To enable appropriate digital access solutions at parking meters, when purchasing a ski pass, or when booking tickets in stadiums and arenas, the Austrian company SKIDATA operates a cloud infrastructure that is continuously adapted by Gofore's subsidiary eMundo.


The Challenge

Creating modern cloud infrastructures for legacy production environments

The demand for accessible services in the service sector is rising rapidly, for example, in paid parking on supermarket lots, on-street parking, large parking garages, as well as Park and Ride locations at transport hubs. With the appropriate access solution, parking reservations and the associated processes can be handled digitally and mobilely at any time and from any place. A prerequisite for these providers is access to cloud services.

While SKIDATA had proven solutions on-premise, the existing software was reaching its limits. Consequently, the development of new cloud systems was necessary to realize required product extensions. Particularly for the success of the Connect platform for Smart Parking and similar use cases, fundamental changes in the existing production environment are necessary.

That's why the visitor management expert SKIDATA has taken advantage of the specialized knowledge of Gofore's subsidiary eMundo to place all technical facilities on a new basis.

Providers are increasingly recognizing the advantages of cloud services: New features for various applications can thus be provided faster and more reliably for accessible customer services.

Our Approach

Develop agil initiatives and keep processes lean

With the involvement of eMundo, processes were streamlined, complexities in project organization reduced, technical requirements kept small, and paths shortened, resulting in efficient flat structures within the company. Each team takes responsibility and continuously drives their part of product development forward.

The approach is solution-oriented and bottom-up. To keep the error rate low in software development, performance is actively monitored and predicted. This allows for an early response and countermeasures if necessary.

On the other hand, the teams have grown closer together. They have realized that both the organization and the individual projects must be considered together. Not only the actors directly involved in development are included, but also entire departments of other SKIDATA locations worldwide.

The Result

An adaptable organization for the development of scalable software

Overall, Gofore's subsidiary eMundo has succeeded in helping SKIDATA to sustainably drive forward the cloud business. Today, existing architectures can be built upon, making SKIDATA's solutions more scalable.

Particularly in the areas of People and Car Access, eMundo has fundamentally changed the entire system landscape of SKIDATA. Processes were created for a modern production environment where high-quality software can be developed and implemented quickly.

As a result, among other things, the release time for new functionalities of service-oriented applications was improved from a monthly release to several deployments daily through a continuous process. At the same time, the reliability of the development process has significantly improved, and the risk of deployment errors has been reduced. In the case of parking management, this means that parking operators can reduce the effort in their IT department, save on personnel, and reduce operating costs. End customers, on the other hand, enjoy the advantage of barrier-free parking.

The Project in Numbers






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Modern organizational structures for economic success

From sales and project management to service, eMundo has supported SKIDATA in changing the company and making the software business more profitable. This transformation process within the organization allowed, among other things, the Connect platform to successfully assert itself in the market, as it can map a variety of use cases in the cloud simply, securely, and quickly.

The collaboration with eMundo has been continuously expanded over the years. Today, the subsidiary of Gofore is a fully integrated partner of SKIDATA, for example in the development of cloud-based software for payment, transaction settlement, detection of parking violators, and much more.


The Skills and Competencies Used in the Project
  • Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
  • Backend Development
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Product Vision Boards
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Kanban
  • Agile Roadmaps
  • Software Development

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